Egomania – A documentary

Another documentary to be found on youtube is called Egomania. Egomania is an old word used to describe people who are obsessed with their own ego, and are today referred to as suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The documentary describes the symptoms of NPD and interviews people suffering from the disorder. Enjoy!

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“Back From the Edge” – Borderline Personality Disorder

This is a documentary about Borderline Personality disorder created by the Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center at NewYork-Presbyterian. Several patients describe how it is to have BPD and leading specialists on the disorder are interviewed as well. A very interesting video.

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Danish study says modern psychoanalytic therapy effective in treating personality disorders


Book Cover from a book on Personality Disorders written by Carsten René Jørgensen

A new study, conducted by the psychology department of Aarhus University and the Clinic for Personality Disorders at Aarhus University Hospital, offers evidence that modern psychoanalytic therapy is effective in treating Personality Disorders. The study has been a run for the last seven years and was led by Carsten René Jørgensen who is a professor at Aarhus University. In the study, two versions of modern psychoanalytic treatments were compared but they mainly differed in intensity. One treatment was mainly a group therapy and the other group therapy combined with more intensive weekly sessions of individual therapy. The latter form resulted in better outcome where patients achieved a higher level in functioning, but both forms of therapy where highly effective. In order for the treatment to be successful it needs to be administered by well trained professionals and requires two years of therapy, sometimes longer. 85 patients have started treatment connected with the study of whom 65 have finished treatment. It is estimated that 10% of the danish population is suffering from personality disorders and around 2% of severe personality disorder, according to study.


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Black Swan

Black Swan Movie Poster

The 2010 movie Black Swan is surely interesting for anyone interested in Borderline Personality Disorder. It centers around a young ballet dancer named Nina. Her character portrays a number of symptoms common in Borderline Personality Disorder such as ‘black and white’ thinking, a common characteristic in borderline personality and episodes of idealisation, devaluation and her unstable sense of identity. The film was Oscar nominated and is rated 8,2 at IMDB.

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Richard Kuklinski

This is a very interesting video of an interview with one of the most notorious killers of our times. Richard Kuklinski was born in 1935 and died in 2006 in prison where he had been since 1988. He was sentenced to a life in prison after being convicted of 3 murders although the real number of victims was somewhere between one and two hundred. He served as a mafia hitman for over 30 years until he was caught. In this interview a psychiatrist talks to Kuklinski about his career as a hitman, his childhood and explains why he became so successful as a hitman. The explanation is in part that he suffered from a toxic mixture of personality disorders and grew up in a very dysfunctional home. A must see for all interested in personality disorders and forensic psychology. Wikipedia also has some information on Richard Kuklinski:

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NIMI has some good info on Borderline Personality Disorder

The National Institute of Mental Health has some great information regarding Borderline Personality Disorder

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Upcoming changes to Personality Disorder Diagnoses

The DSM-5 page shows the proposed changes to Personality Disorder Diagnoses.

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